Your Coffee Experience

For over a quarter of a century Brasilia coffee has been available in Italian restaurants, cafes and continental delicatessens. Its popularity with Italian Australians has resulted from its authentic Italian flavours and quality of our short black. Brasilia is available in retail packs to purchase from your local supermarket or specialty store.

The Raw Bean Truth

Brasilia coffee is sourced raw from locations like Brazil, Indonesia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Kenya. Arabica is the highest quality coffee bean and comes from plants grown in high altitudes with heavy rainfall, producing superior tasting coffee.

From Raw to Roast

Brasilia’s master roasters select only the finest green beans to blend and batch roast to produce the premium boutique product that Brasilia prides itself on.

A flavour for everybody

Brasilia coffee is available in different varieties including medium roast (single crack) and dark roast (double crack).
Roasting colour determines the characteristics of the coffee – nuttiness, richness, mellowness and depth of flavour.

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